Sculpt Fireplace Collection – JC Bordelet

I am proud to be the ambassador for Sculpt Fireplace Collection. Sculpt Fireplace Collection is a proudly Australian owned company that exclusively supplies some of the world’s most sought after and high-end luxury fireplaces.

Their exclusive range of fireplaces consist of incredible designs of the highest quality and construction, manufactured both by hand and using the best technology, utilising raw steel creating a product built to last. 

In mid-2019 I was fortunate to travel to Montpelier in the beautiful South of France to visit the factory of one of their group of 5 brands, JC Bordelet. JC Bordelet who produce an array of sculptural fireplace designs by the award winning Jean-Claude Bordelet. I was mesmerised by how beautifully hand-finished theses sculptural, focal pieces are. What drew me to JC Bordelet’s avant-garde fireplace designs, is that their innovative and elegant design and contemporary style are just as important as, and are a credit to, their operational and practical features.

I am excited to be working with Sculpt Fireplace Collection and their range of amazing fire boxes and suspended fireplaces including the JC Bordelet range, as they align so beautifully to my desire and understanding for timeless, prestigious and inspirational design.