In late 2020 Darren Palmer teamed up with Caroma, an Australian leader in sustainable-luxury bathroom design. Here Darren worked closely with Caroma to bring to life two bathroom designs featured in Caroma Vogue, a collection that exudes luxury and style, and is inspired by the emerging fashion of modern Australia.

Darren's creative outlook and innovative experience in design are what led him to create 'Nature Refined' and 'City Lights'. 'Nature Refined' is a beautiful and Australiana led bathroom design featuring Caroma's Urbane II and Liano II range.⁣

With 'City Lights', featuring Caroma's Urbane II and Elvire range, Darren opted for a striking and avant-garde design that is "kind of like a runway fashion show", he explains. ⁣

In early 2021, Caroma further collaborated with Darren's unique approach to interior design in the Caroma series, The Colourful Life of Darren Palmer. In the six videos below Darren shares distinct areas that have influenced his choice of colour inspiration: Nature, Expression, Travel, Thrills, City Lights Pod Build, and Nature Refined Pod Build.