Art Group : Mulberry

In mid-2018 Art Group: Canberra based property development company, renowned for building unique, quality homes of distinction and character, partnered with Darren Palmer for the launch of Mulberry, their first residential development within the Soho precinct in Dickson. Darren was asked to be the personal interior designer to the 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments development homes. Residents also have the opportunity to purchase a turn-key furniture package hand-selected by Darren Palmer which feature his exclusive homewares range available exclusively to MYER.

Here are photos of Darren Palmer and his homeware package at the launch of Soho, the estate where Mulberry became its first development.

“Modern inclusions and materials play a big part in creating a sophisticated look. Mostly though, sophistication is best represented by a coherent and considered interior colour and material scheme. A well resolved interior palette will feel pleasing to the occupant. So, good design, great detailing and a well thought out set of materials and inclusions will create the sophistication that we all desire in our homes, but some find it hard to achieve.”

“There are three schemes in Mulberry, all playing with contrast. There are two low contrast options, one is a muted light neutral palette, the other is a mid to dark greypalette. These two palettes are balanced and feature lots of consistency across the flooring, cabinet and benchtop colours and materials, reflecting popular and timeless interior schemes that are desirable and livable. The third palette is a high contrast palette of walnut and warm white.”

“The walnut featured is very much influenced by interior and kitchen trends from Europe. It is possibly the more cutting edge of the three schemes but also features enough of the popular neutral palette to work with any home owner’s furniture and décor desires.”

“Everything used in the materials palette is chosen to create high impact, be durable and value for money. I wanted to create opportunities for interest through introducing textured elements like timber looks and concrete like finishes. I have also included terrazzo, the latest trend in flooring sweeping the globe.”

- Darren Palmer