Our Expertise

Market Analysis
We advise developers on current consumer tastes and trending styles which brings sharp focus to their product choices and customer profiles.

As a prestigious design team we create striking yet sensible designs and bring added value through brand association with a publicly recognised studio.

Experience matters and we design projects with our clients’ budget, design aspirations and development outcomes in mind, which means understanding and value every step of the way.

We work alongside clients to ensure the best outcomes are achieved on site and that the final product is installed, quality assured and market ready on time and budget.

Sales & Marketing
By endorsing DP Designed projects, Darren Palmer brings a well-known human face and a household name to developments, driving both differentiation and market confidence.

After-sales Satisfaction
When it comes to multi-residential developments, it’s important for owners and residents to share in the story and brand ethos behind the development. DP Designed brings this story to projects.

Design Process

  1. Be it a private home or a major development, we begin each project with a site investigation and workshops to understand our clients’ aspirations.
  2. We use this insight to develop a detailed brief along with user profiles, functional requirements, built-form outcomes, product specifications and an overarching design statement.
  3. We then develop a program of works along with initial design schemes and undertake any required stakeholder, customer or brand research tasks.
  4. We keep clients engaged throughout the process by holding design workshops and creating visuals that communicate our initial ideas and concepts for consideration.
  5. Once the concept is agreed we produce detailed plans, material boards, elevations, sections, schedules and any documentation that may be required for planning and approval processes or sales and marketing strategies.
  6. We then work with specialist trades and supplier networks to integrate their insights into the design and provide innovations to maximise the end product for residents and value for clients.
  7. Once agreed, we evolve and finalise the design for approval, hand over all documentation and instruct our preferred suppliers to commence works or submit their quotes to the head contractor or end-client for consideration.
  8. We also support our project partners throughout the delivery journey
    and oversee the installation and inspection process to ensure quality craftsmanship and design integrity.
  9. Upon completion of projects, we offer a range of after-service care and marketing support, to ensure that the brand values and design intent of DP Designed projects are well communicated to the world at large.

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