MASTERSERIES: Darren Palmer Interior Design Course

Following the international success of their Interior Design course, which has enrolled 50,000 students globally since 2006, The Interior Design Institute has teamed up with renowned interior designer, author, THE BLOCK judge, and trusted industry expert Darren Palmer to create a beautifully curated Interior Design MASTERSERIES. This course contains 15 videos: 12 modules and a 3- part Q&A with Darren Palmer, and downloadable resources.


In everything I do, I strive to educate and inspire so that anyone can create their version of their best home. For quite some time I have thought the best way to do that would be through an education platform, specifically one that was housed online, in partnership with a reputable educator with a broad, worldwide customer base. It’s for that reason I could not be more proud to be partnered with The Interior Design Institute to present my experience and insights so that anyone can apply that knowledge themselves, in their own way, in their own homes.

- Darren Palmer

MASTERSERIES consists of 12 online modules and a 3-part Q&A with Darren Palmer videos and downloadable resources that are unique and totally Darren Palmer’s theory, designed to be a supplement to the student’s knowledge in each subject based on Darren’s vast experience and inspiring anecdotes. See a snippet of each of the 15 videos below to give you a taste of what is on offer.

Module 1

The Visual Language of Design

Module 2

History of Style, Decoration and Architecture

Module 3

Design Styles

Module 4

Space Planning

Module 5


Module 6


Module 7

Interior Finishes

Module 8

Decorative Textiles and Fabrics

Module 9

Furniture, Art and Accessories

Module 10

Working with Clients

Module 11

Visual Communication

Module 12

Setting up an Interior Design Business

Part 1

Q&A with Darren Palmer

Part 2

Q&A with Darren Palmer

Part 3

Q&A with Darren Palmer

Student Testimonial

'I decided on the MASTERSERIES with Darren Palmer and I can’t rave enough about it. I am so glad I took this decision. Money can’t pay for his view and advice. What you get is a video for each module and it helped me connect the dots. The text came to life with Darren as he talks you through why it is important to learn the respective module and what you use it for.

I’ll be honest, not every module was my favourite. I am not a big history fan and I had to push myself going through each design style and period. The video of Darren really helped motivate me and gave me a different perspective. So I’ll definitely recommend that.'

-MASTERSERIES Interior Design Student, Manja El Masri


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