Darren Palmer: How to jazz up your home using items you’ve already got

There are several great ways to jazz up your home using just your decorating skills, and the time and items you have available.

Rearrange furniture

By creating a list of all the things you have in your home, you can look at new ways to use the items you already have.

Some chairs from your lounge might sit nicely in an entrance or in the corner of a bedroom.

Flowers offer a burst of colour and a sculptural form and, in some instances, offer up their perfume.Flowers offer a burst of colour and a sculptural form and, in some instances, offer up their perfume. Photo: Felix Forest

The console you have in the hall could work neatly behind the sofa You might get better flow from your lounge and entertainment spaces by relocating the large furniture items like couches and occasional chairs.

Thinking about what you have in terms of seating, tables, lamps, vases and decor can open up a whole array of opportunities for you to create a space that feels new without spending a cent.

Hang your artwork

Your art might need to be shuffled around with your furniture to create a new look in a new room.

Try moving your furniture around to create a fresh look.Try moving your furniture around to create a fresh look. Photo: Felix Forest

You may want to reframe some old pieces or cluster pieces together to create a gallery hang.

Perhaps a picture that has always felt like it didn’t belong can find a place as part of a styled vignette created in your new layout.


Creating a vignette from your existing pieces is the way to simultaneously show off your favourite pieces while reducing clutter in your home. You may think that putting your stuff on display outside of cupboards or cabinets would make your home look cluttered, but the opposite is true. Randomly scattering pieces through your house creates clutter.

Cabinets full of the same stuff looks cluttered, but integrating your beloved treasures into a styled vignette on a table or shelf is the way to bring them to life.

Simply create a stack of books, bring in some plant life, pair with a lamp, a candle and one or two of your sculptural pieces and you’ve got yourself a neat little focal point.

Flowers and candles

When you create a beautiful room, all the senses should be stimulated. Candles are sculptural forms that fill out vignettes or give side tables something that feels like it belongs on the surface, saving that sparse look. The flickering light adds to their appeal, as does the fragrance.

Flowers do the same things, offering a burst of colour and a sculptural form and, in some instances, offering up their perfume.

It’s by these details that rooms are brought to life, and it’s worth paying attention to decoration to present your home at its best.

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