Darren Palmer Designed

Founded in 2006, DP Designed provides homeowners, architects and developers with complete interior design services and a constantly evolving homewares range.

Working hand in hand with clients, DP Designed experienced teams take projects from blank canvas through to completion.

With an eye for creating bespoke, luxurious and precise interiors, each and every DP Designed home is inspired by its location, the lifestyle needs of its residents and DP Designed personalised aesthetic.

All DP Designed projects are managed by a dedicated in-house team with skills encompassing ideation, interior design, user-group engagement, value management, procurement and quality assurance.

This in-house depth of talent is supported by our specialist consultants and unfailing supplier networks who are capable of sourcing, manufacturing and installing detailed design features no matter how imaginative or bespoke.

DP Designed is known for creating designs that are accessible, comfortable, sophisticated and, above all, highly appropriate and individual.

Services Encompass

  • Interior Design
  • Joinery Design
  • Space Solutions
  • Decoration Services
  • Design Documentation
  • Material and Product sourcing
  • Lighting Schedules and Design
  • Design Services

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Our Expertise

Be it a private home or a major development, we begin each project with a site investigation and workshops to understand our clients’ aspirations.

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