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New Videos every week for 5 weeks

For anyone who might be thinking about jumping into a home renovation, I will be posting videos of my last home renovation, starting from pre renovation, through demolition, structural changes, material improvements and decoration.  I'll post a new video once every Sunday night after the block (EST). I look forward to your comments and feedback and will answer as many questions as I can.


  • How much time did you spend on thinking about, pondering and asking others opinions before determining your new design. I guess I am thinking about your thinking process and how we mere mortals might replicate that. How do you know that you will make the profit that you want,and oh, what do you mean by nana curtains. Might want to define that in your first book.

    • i daydream a bit about what i will do with my projects. my own homes come more organically over time as i live in a home. i don’t ask too many opinions but i do check in here and there.
      By nana curtains i mean ones that don’t go from wall to wall, ceiling to floor.

    • Thank you for Video 4. I still think a toilet separate to the bathroom is the way to go. I love the carpet that you chose and the way you think about light is making me think about it too. What a cute little laundry! I think your son is going to love his new room. Your big steps out the front look really inviting and I am jealous of those French doors, not sure that they are French doors when they fold back like that but they are gorgeous. I am loving reading your books and I am learning to think differently so thanks for sharing and including your sense of humour.

      • Thank you that’s really great to hear. Really appreciate your appreciation and glad you’re getting something out of what I’m putting out there. 🙂

  • Just wondering Darren, what colours do you feel should be in a young child’s room. I have to say that although Sasha and Julia’s room needed a little more pink I thought it was lovely. Do you believe a child’s room should be relaxing or exciting?

    • I think a childs room should be stimulating by day and calming by night, so it’s about choosing things that you can play up with daylight and play down with artificial light at night.

      • Thanks for putting up video 5. Congratulations on selling your house.
        Tricky answer for my question about children’s bedrooms. That will have me thinking for a bit.
        I have now read both of your books. I really like your style. I am still fairly confused with my own style but now I understand a bit more about mixing modern with other eras, honouring the style of a property, drawing from the environment and putting yourself into the layers. Oh and your idea of using natural colours and materials, soooo good, that helped!
        I could go a little help, I am trying to work out how to choose a coffee table and I have worked out most of what to look for but I would like some help on size and shape. When do you choose round, square, rectangle and is there any rule of thumb for the size?
        I don’t know how many views your page has had but I have enjoyed watching them and I will hope for some more. I don’t know if you have a mailing list for projects or whether you will have any more mini-lessons but feel free to add my email. (And thanks for being the kind judge on The Block.)

  • Hi Darren, love what you’ve done for this Reno. Love your books too. Just wondering would you be able to provide details of the suppliers of all the beautiful decoration items you have.

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